Controlling the Events in Our Life


Controlling the Events in Our Life

I think everyone wants to control events in their lives. How many of us want only so-called “good” things to happen? Although we can control some events in our lives, this is not only impossible but not always desirable. We often learn the most and develop as individuals because of the failure we face every day.


We choose everything that comes along our path at a certain level of consciousness. Therefore, we choose our goal. When considering this, we understand how and why certain things happen. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why we should allow certain events in our lives, they are not really what we want because they often cause difficulties and we suffer in our way.

But because of hardships and suffering, we learn that sooner or later the lesson will fall and the road will be easier. To fully understand this, we must realize that what matters is how we think about the event than the event itself. Of course, we cannot always determine what is happening in our lives, we can only determine how we think about it. and how we react to it. In this sense, we control our destiny. When you understand why we need to experience and learn from this particular event, life goes on and we create a new void for the future so that we can experience it. The lesson has been learned.

Positive thinking, even in the most difficult circumstances, affects our thinking for everyone and everything around us and changes our world. Our thoughts as people are so powerful that more important than the event itself, what we think and how we respond to a given situation, in this sense we create our reality and our destiny.

We received the free will not only to eat a hot piece of sunflower or banana but also to decide how to live our lives. We have 100% free will and in all situations, these are not part-time jobs and we cannot work like that. Because it’s true, it is logical that we choose every day of our lives. We decide how to behave in every situation of our lives and how we approach it.

People and events correspond to our opinions. If we expect the best from people, they will answer. After all, if they hope everything goes well, they’ll try if you don’t believe me. Be grateful, thank you for what you have, and do not focus on deficiency; if you focus on deficiency, you will do it.

Remember – your perception is your reality. Your perception is what you design. And what will you come back to? What is happening is coming.

Steps On How to Pray Effectively and Get Results Now

“Let us therefore boldly come to the throne of grace so that we may show mercy and compassion when necessary.” Hebrews 4:16 (King James Version) The essence of prayer is to achieve results through which prayers will be heard. Many people pray but do not achieve results because they cannot pray effectively. Our father wants to answer all our prayers, but we need to know how to pray and get these answers effectively.

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Prayer is a communication channel with God. To communicate effectively with him, you must determine who he is to you. If you see God as a taskmaster, you identify with him as a tough boss and talk to him. But when you see Him as a parent, you will talk to Him and talk to Him as if the child were talking to the Father. It is very important to determine the level of your relationship with God because it affects your state of mind and your approach to prayer.

To pray successfully, you must know not only your relationship with God but also:

  • Believe that God will answer you

If you doubt God’s will to answer, you will not achieve results, no matter how long you pray and cry to Him. In John 2, God says first of all that He wants us to be healthy and prosperous in preserving our souls. So you must believe that he will answer you if you want results.

  • You need to know and reflect on what God is saying about the matter you want to pray for

It strengthens your faith in God and his desire to respond. The word of God becomes very real for you in this respect. It will also dispel any forms of fear, doubt or disbelief that prevent you from getting an answer.

  • Remove obstacles in response to prayer

You must do everything that the devil can use to accuse you of God. This includes forgiveness, bitterness, confession, etc. God is a just judge, and if you judge such things, you will not receive an answer. Matthew 6:12, 14:15 Jesus invites us to forgive others so that we can receive them from God.

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  • Begin with thanksgiving and worship

Psalm 100: 4 tells us that we must enter God’s presence with praise and glory. Take your time to give your request to God. Appreciate God first for who He is and for His goodness to you. In our Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6: 9-13), Jesus gave us an example of how we should glorify God and praise God before we ask Him.

  • Pray for God’s words

God wants you to remind him of what he said, not how much the devil has acted against you or your neighbor. 1 John 5: 14-15 tells us that when we pray according to God’s will, He hears us and does everything we ask for. That is why God answers according to what He said in the Bible.

  • Pray for the kingdom of God and all people

Jesus (Matthew 6:10) and Paul (1 Timothy 2: 1-3) warned us above all that they would pray that God’s will would be done on earth and for all people, especially our leaders. , Paul says it is good and acceptable in the eyes of our Father God.

  • After receiving the request, trust that you have received it

As Mark 11:24 says, believe that God has already answered you when you give your prayers to God. The faith you received before seeing the result shows that you believe in God and that he can give you the desired results. This is an important step in effective prayer and results.

  • End Thanksgiving and expect a physical manifestation of your reaction

Thank God at the end shows that you believe that it was done and done. And Proverbs 24:14 says that your expectations will not fall. You get what you expect. So expect the manifestation of what you asked God for.

  • Don’t doubt it

After prayer, the enemy will test your faith many times. He’ll send unbelievable thoughts to ask if God will do what you asked him to do. At this point, you must oppose the devil’s victims before it continues. The Bible says that if he resists, he will escape James 4: 7

  • Reveal your victory

Say so many times and so many people want to hear that you believe that God has answered your prayers. Mark 11:23 says you will get what you say. It is necessary to win.

Living Forever in the Universe – What Does It Mean to You?

Live in the universe forever! For some a very important statement or for others an open question. You know, I’ve tried to balance my life in recent years. I focused on what I consider to be the four foundations of existence, namely. Health – my body, sleep or vehicle. Family – the meaning of community and belonging. Finance – safety for me and those who depend on me, and finally spirituality – find peace in my existence.

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I’ve spent most of my life asking rarely asked questions, just by participating or being part of the rat race. When my daughter was born, I started asking questions and started my journey to find peace and balance. In doing so, I began to question our existence here on Earth, and one of the things that were gaining popularity was the size of our universe, and most importantly, the problem of life in the universe era.

I think about it and sometimes I think I have analyzed too much to simplify the matter. What can I say if you are looking for the answer to the question: we live forever in the universe or if you want to confirm the explanation: we always live in the universe, unfortunately, I can not help. You see, in my opinion, there is no right answer to the question. The meaning of this question or statement is individual and depends on the basic perception structure of that person. If you partly believe in some religious beliefs, this is the basis for understanding the universe.

I can talk about some things that made sense to me, and if you can relate to them in any way, that’s great. The first and most difficult concept I understood was infinity. I mean, what is infinity? As humans, we present infinity as a scientific symbol or comparison. I firmly believe that we were brought up as people in the finished world. Everything has a beginning and an end; everything has a beginning and an end, black and white good and bad. We grew up in a world of contradictions and there is nothing wrong with that. It makes sense. The problem is that the concept of infinity is the opposite of this teaching. You can see infinitely that there is no beginning or end. I think that this principle alone is enough to upset you because it goes against everything we believe.

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After struggling with this for a long time and wondering where I am in the universe or whether eternal life in the universe is what is happening to me, I tried to find out where I belonged. It was a night staring at the sky when I was caught. We are the center of our universe, the world that we know about us. Everything in the universe can affect us, directly or indirectly, in one way or another.

So do we live in the universe forever? I think that for you to understand the infinite, you must understand that there is no beginning and no end and there is only one continuation. I believe that our energy is transmitted to the universe to create an infinite universe.

For me, this perception was deep when I began to value my time in this form of energy and focus on balancing all aspects of my life.

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